Trail Riding on Your Own Bike

Our trail riding routes are mainly in Mid Wales and South Snowdonia and include several unique ancient roads. You can choose from one to three days. For two or three days, the town of Machynlleth is a good base as there are different routes to the north, west and east. If you are on your own, we will try to match you with other riders who are compatible. If you want a mini holiday rather than just one day, from time to time we organise "place–to–place" rides with baggage transfer – please ask.

Honda CRF250Ls

The bikes we provide for hiring are Honda CRF250Ls, and we welcome riders with their own Ls or Rallys joining our days. Ls are a little different to enduro bikes, and are great little bikes for the type of terrain we ride in. Certain days are free of charge for TRF members; please enquire. (To join the TRF see below).

New to Trail Riding?

For riders new to trail riding, you might like to join one of our Beginners’ Days, either free of charge as a TRF member, or at a minimal fee. Our hints and tips page might be useful too. We can supply information on how to find green lanes, the legalities and your rights if you encounter animosity, etc.

Special Offers

Special rates and competitions are publicised in our newsletters. To subscribe, please let me know what bike you have. Thank you.

Winter trail riding

If you book during December, January, February and March, it can be really cold! Consider that if a problem occurred at the farthest away point, you may find yourself riding 50 miles along main roads. You can never get it right in winter, as you will be cold on the tarmac road and hot on the technical going. But if you take a rucksack, you can carry an extra sweater and warm winter roadriding gloves, so that if there is a long stretch on tarmac, you can be a bit more comfortable. It is also worth having an enduro or adventure riding suit with trousers which go outside your boots because there will be puddles and stream crossings. If you wear motocross trousers which tuck in your boots, then the water runs down inside, although if you have waterproof socks that might not matter. There is nothing more miserable than being frozen to the bone, and every mile seems an eternity. In fact, it is dangerous as there is a real risk of hypothermia if you are wearing insufficient warm clothing.

Before booking, please see our Terms and Conditions. Thanks.

Gift vouchers

If you are in a hurry, feel free to download a pdf gift voucher. If you wish to receive a printed gift voucher, please email or phone Marianne on 01686 430522.


The TRF is the National, voluntary and non-competitive body formed in 1970 by people who enjoyed exploring ’green lanes’ by motorcycle. Our aim is to conserve our heritage of green lanes for everyone to enjoy. Trail riding is an ’active recreation’.

Visit for more information.

The Mid Wales Group of the TRF organise a few events each year. The Mid Wales Meander and The Hafren Hunt are on 31st August and 1st September 2019; you can do both or either, and the Santa Run will be on 7th and 8th December 2019. Again you can do both or either day. The Red Ride is for owners of Honda CRF250Ls and Rallys only, and is on 4th and 5th May 2019, based in Dolgellau.

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