Trail Riding on Your Own Bike

Our trail riding routes are mainly in Mid Wales and South Snowdonia and include several unique ancient roads. You can choose from one to three days. If you want more than one day, the town of Machynlleth is a good base as there are different routes to the north, west and east. If you are on your own, we will try to match you with other riders who are compatible.

Although our area has great scenery and good variety, there are a lot of gates which need opening and closing (about a hundred on a typical day.) There may also be some long stretches of tarmac road which cannot be avoided. We usually go to a cafe for lunch. Most of our routes pass petrol stations in conjunction with the lunch time stop. If you ride a bike with a range of less than 60 miles, please let us know so that we can make plans for your refuelling. Please note that we do not guide riders on converted motocrossers, as they are not suitable for trail riding.

If you want a mini holiday rather than just one day, from time to time we organise "place–to–place" rides with baggage transfer — please see our Special Events page or ask for dates when we can arrange this.

Honda CRF250Ls

If you look at our dates page, you may notice that some are listed only for riders of Ls, and any friends they have. Ls are a little different to enduro bikes, and are great little bikes for the type of terrain we ride in. We have heard of some L riders who have gone along to a TRF rideout in their area and either had disparaging comments about their bike, or really struggled with the terrain. We can guarantee that will not happen on one of our days!

New to Trail Riding?

For riders new to trail riding, you might like to join one of our Beginners’ Days which is cheaper for you. In fact, if you have joined the Trail Riders Fellowship, it may even be free of charge! (To join the TRF see their website. Please ask Marianne about dates you can join with no cost.) Our hints and tips page might be useful too. We can supply information on how to find green lanes, the legalities and your rights if you encounter animosity, etc.

Trail Riding on a Big Bike

Occasionally we take a big bike group for riders with bikes over 600cc. Where we go depends on whether the bike has dualsport or knobbly tyres.

Enduro Bike Groups

We have had several bad experiences with riders who should be not be trail riding. If you want to book with us, please read all the information available, including our Terms and Conditions. The problems can begin before you even turn a wheel! We have a briefing, and if we observe riders who do not attend or are showing no interest in this, it is likely that the day will not go well. If you leave the car park with wheelies and lots of noise, the day will end before you get out of town. All routes from town start with at least five miles of tarmac, and some with fifteen miles. Wherever possible, we use minor single width tarmac lanes, but there are some places where there is no alternative to main road.

If you want a challenging day without roadwork, please see the offroad page for details of competitive events and offroad riding in our area.

Booking as a Group

If you book as a group, we assume that you all know eachother! However, we have had a couple of occasions when that is not so. If this is the case, it is really important for the organiser to make sure that ALL participants read the information. We WILL stop the day without refund if any rider does not adhere to the Terms and Conditions.

Special Offers

Special rates and competitions are publicised in our newsletters. To subscribe, please let me know what bike you have. Thank you.



Your bike must not be excessively noisy. Many of the unsurfaced roads go through farms and beside rural dwellings, and to ensure continued use it is important that we are considerate. Trail bikes with standard silencers and most enduro bikes with standard exhausts and silencers are OK. If you want advice, please email or phone 01686 430522.

Maps on Ebay

It has been brought to our attention that maps of North Wales are being sold on Ebay, with a link to a website with a similar name to ours. We would like to make it clear that they are nothing to do with us. We only ride green lanes which can be proven to be legal.

Before booking, please see our Terms and Conditions. Thansk.

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