Prices for Guiding

TRF members receive £5 a day discount!

If you need to hire a bike, please see the Prices page. Guiding is included in the hire bike prices.

  One day’s riding Two days’ riding Three days’ riding
One bike £130 £240 £330
Two bikes, price each £80 £140 £200
Three bikes, price each £60 £110 £150
Four bikes, price each £50 £90 £130
Five or more bikes, price each £45 £80 £115

We can do one-to-one tuition for new riders, but if you are on your own and want a cheaper price, you can join a day where we have riding hire our bikes. If you are a TRF member, certain days are free of charge! We usually ride on Wednesdays and Thursdays and Saturdays and Sundays. Occasionally we can do Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, so please ask.

If you suffer a major bike breakdown, we may be able to provide a trail bike. The price charged will be at our usual rate in proportion to how long you use our bike, less the fee you have already paid. (For usual rate see the Using Our Bikes page.)

Booking and Payment

Booking can be by email or by phone 01686 430522. If booking by email or phone, full payment will be requested five weeks in advance of your booking. If payment is not received within a week of the request, i.e. four weeks before your riding day, the booking will deem to have lapsed.

Payment options:
bank transfer or direct deposit into our bank account, cheque or Paypal to


• Dates are allocated first come, first served.
• Once you have asked for a specific date, it will be reserved for you.
• Payment must be received by the last week day four weeks beforehand, as long as I have remembered to remind you.
• If the date chosen cannot be adhered to, you may change the date.
• Gift vouchers do not require a date to be set in advance.

Somewhere to stay

Our accommodation page gives some suggestions for places to stay.

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